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Brush 66

Brush 66 was purchased to combat grass and wildland fires.  In our district this type of resource is vital as we see a significant amount of these types of fires.  More importantly we see a lot of these types of fires among a large number of homes and structures that a typical fire engine cannot access.


Brush 66 is also used to respond to all types of service calls including downed trees, trail rescues, and snow related calls. 


Brush 66 is a member of Duvall Fires active mobilization program.  Typically it responds to wildland fires during the summer months.  While Brush 66 is involved in wildland firefighting Brush 67 remains in district to protect our community.  Brush 67 is typically housed at Station 271 in Fall City.



Brush 66

Chassis:  Ford

Make: Custom in house

Year: 2012


Approximately 100GPM


300 Gallons Water






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