Fire Explorers

Lead Advisor Bill Wisham

Advisor Steve Marshall

Annually the Explorers attend the regional Muster and regularly place in the top 5 of the entire competition with emphasis on S.C.B.A. and Bunker Gear relay, Make and Break and Making a hydrant. Currently the Explorers can don all of their protective equipment in about 1 min. when the standard is 2 min. 


The explorers are encouraged to participate in a ride-along every few months. The explorers that have been on shift, have been well mannered and are asking great questions.




Currently Duvall Explorers has eight active members with two advisors attending meetings regularly. Each year the explorers put in 104 hours just in training alone. On top of that, fund raisers and public events such at the pancake breakfast, Safety fair and the Quilt Show are attended by the explorers. 




The post is open for enrollment and is looking for valuable members to our team. Advisors are needed as well. We are looking for somebody that could attend meetings once per month.


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