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Fire Commissioners


The Board of Fire Commissioners consists of three individuals residing within the boundaries of King County Fire District #45 who are elected by the voters.  Their roles are to be the elected representatives of the citizens.  They are responsible for seeing that the Fire Department is properly funded and is performing the necessary fire protection and life safety duties.  They establish the policies, under which the members of the Department operate, determine the level of funding and communicate with the citizens on Department issues.  They are elected to rotating 6 year terms.


The first Board of Commissioner’s was appointed in 1959 by the King County Board of Commissioners and consisted of Frank VanHulle, Chris Loutsis, and Jim Hunt.  Subsequent individuals to serve as Fire Commissioners were:


            Wayne Wollard                                  Frank Hanold

            Gene Kissinger                                  Bob Gervenack

            John Light                                           Bruce Ansell

            Randy Roeges                                    Don MacKenzie

            Larry Lydon                                        Sandy Rowe

            Daryl Sherfy                                       Jean Lavasouer

            Byron Byrne                                      Kirk Nordlund

            Bruce Smith                                       John Vanhulle

            Ernest Kissinger                                John Frazier

            Harry Oestreich

The Board of Fire Commissioners meet on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings are held at 10am at King County Fire District #45 headquarters. The current Fire Commissioners are Jerry Smith, Mike Beard, and our newest board member, Michel Beard.  The Commissioners bring broad, knowledgeable experience in many areas, most particularly fire protection and EMS.

Contact Information:

Commissioner Jerry Smith -

Commissioner Mike Beard -

Commissioner Michel D Beard -

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