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                                                  Emergency Fireworks Ban Enacted for July 4th
                                              Extreme Conditions Prompt Action by City Officials

July 1, 2021

DUVALL, Wash. – As record-setting high temperatures throughout our region begin to subside, attention turned to the upcoming Fourth of July celebrations and if conditions remained suitable for the discharge of fireworks.

The topic was discussed at a special City of Duvall Public Safety Committee meeting where Chief David Burke of King County Fire District 45, Chief Michael DeBock of Duvall Police, and Mayor Amy Ockerlander discussed current weather conditions & forecasts with the committee.

In consideration of the recently dry weather, extreme temperatures, low fuel moisture, no forecasted precipitation, and anticipating fire danger risk moving to “high” by July 4th Chief Burke made a formal recommendation that Mayor Ockerlander consider enacting an emergency firework ban in accordance with DMC 5.10.056. The Mayor and Public Safety Committee members concurred with the assessment and also supported the enactment of a temporary ban.

After consultation with the City attorney, Mayor Amy Ockerlander signed Executive Order number 21-01 on June 30th 2021. The order prohibits the discharge or fireworks within Duvall’s City limits on July 4th, 2021.

With the lifting of COVID restrictions in Washington this is a great moment for our residents to reconnect with one another again in neighborhood gatherings. The City will be sending messaging encouraging “Glow Up Duvall” activities with glow sticks available from Fire and Police to provide the celebratory “Illuminations” John Adams spoke of in 1776. While this temporary ban will be understandably disappointing for many Duvall residents, the City encourage celebrations of our country to continue – though perhaps in a different way this year.


A Phase 1 burn ban is in effect immediately per the King County Fire Marshal and will remain in effect until further notice

Phase 1 means that all outdoor burning except for barbecues and small recreational fires in established fire pits at approved campgrounds or on private property.

Recreational fires still pose a risk, so their use shall be limited and respected accordingly. Recreational fires must:

  • Be built in a metal or concrete fire pit, such as those typically found in designated campgrounds, and not be used as debris disposal

  • Be no larger than three feet in diameter

  • Be located in a clear spot, free from any vegetation for at least ten feet in a horizontal direction and at least 25 feet away from any structure, and allow 20 feet of vertical clearance from overhanging branches

  • Be attended at all times by an alert individual with equipment capable of extinguishing the fire

posted 11:25am 6/24/2021


New Fire Station

Station 167, located at 31813 NE Cherry Valley Rd, officially opened on December 14, 2020. It is staffed by three personnel 24/7 and has both an aid unit and engine to respond to calls.

Information on all stations can be found here.



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Board of Commissioner Meetings

The Board of Commissioners of Duvall-King County Fire District 45 hold regular meetings

on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 AM.

​​Meeting agendas may be reviewed here.

The next scheduled regular meeting will be held on Wednesday July 14 at 10am.

​The meetings will be open for in person attendance with limited capacity. To view the meeting remotely, click here.

Written comments must be submitted to districtsecretary@duvallfire45.com prior to the meeting

BLS CPR/AED & First Aid Training

​Duvall Fire offers BLS CPR/AED and First Aid training.

The CPR/AED training includes lecture and hands-on experience and after successful completion of the class, the student will receive a certification card that is good for two years.

The First Aid training, that can be taken in conjunction with the CPR/AED class or separately, teaches individuals the fundamental basics for rendering first aid.

Please consider signing up for one or both of these opportunities to prepare yourself to have the confidence and training to handle emergencies that may occur.

Benefit Service Charge

Petitions for the 2021 Benefit Service Charge are due by Friday January 29, 2020 at 5:00pm.

A hearing will be held on Wednesday February 10 at 7:00pm to review submitted appeals.

If you would like to attend via video conference, click here.  To call in during the meeting, dial1- 509-315-2174

Please visit the Benefit Service Charge page for additional information.